Picture Name Other Affiliations Resident Year Office Phone Number
SLSLOA2's picture Seth L Sloan PGY-3 245 Fountain Court 8593236861
kasm243's picture Kimberly A. Smith UK Manchester Eye Care 859-218-6906
ssmit7's picture Stacy Smith, MS TRAC Committee
JFSM227's picture Jessica Smith, MD Categorical Residents PGY-2 900 S. Limestone, CTW 304 8593239918
APSM232's picture Alexander Smith, MD PGY-4 MS 123
bspear's picture Brett Spear, PhD MD/PhD Program Mentor, Nutritional Sciences Graduate Faculty, Toxicology - Joint Faculty, TRAC Committee Office: 210 Combs Research Bldg., Lab: Combs 240 Office: (859) 257-5167, Lab: (859) 323-5089
RCSP225's picture R. Christopher Spears Neurosurgery Residents PGY-6 780 Rose Street 8593235240
SRSP231's picture Sheylan Spencer, DO Categorical Residents PGY-1
CEST279's picture Catherine Stacks, MD PGY-3 UK HealthCare Turfland
ALST227's picture Audra Stacy Pediatric Residents PGY-3
ERST223's picture Evan Stearns, MD Categorical Residents PGY-3
JST356's picture Joseph Stephen Medical Physics Residents PGY-1 800 Rose Street 8593235240
MRST258's picture Michael R. Stevens, MD PGY-4 Kentucky Clinic, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, 740 S.Limestone, Suite K403, Lexington, Ky. 40536-0284 859-218-3044
BST231's picture Babatunde Stokes, MD PGY-5 MS 121
jlst260's picture Justis L Stolz, MD Sports Fellows PGY-4 2195 Harrodsburg Road
ast335's picture Ann M. Stowe, PhD Neuroscience - Joint Faculty, SCOBIRC - Faculty Associates, TRAC Committee 740 S. Limestone, Office: BBSRB B 379 8593238420
KMST265's picture Kaylee Marie Struewing Fellow, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine PGY-5 800 Rose Street
CJSU228's picture Cameron Suarez, MD, MPH Categorical - Primary Care, Categorical Residents 800 Rose Street 8592182834
fjsu223's picture Frederick J Suhrstedt, III, MD Sports Fellows PGY-4 800 Rose Street
hswan's picture Hollie Swanson, Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences Graduate Faculty, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences Primary Faculty, Toxicology - Joint Faculty, Pillar Work Group MN 322 8593231463
JPSW223's picture Jeremy Swiney, MD Categorical Residents PGY-3 800 Rose Street 8592182834
MSTA224's picture Madison Tackett, DO Categorical Residents PGY-1
lrtann2's picture Lisa Tannock, MD Internal Medicine - Endocrinology, CVRC - Core Faculty, Nutritional Sciences Graduate Faculty, Equity Advisory Council Charles T. Wethington Bldg 900 South Limestone St, Lexington, KY 40536-0200
rete222's picture Ryan Temel, PhD CVRC - Core Faculty, Nutritional Sciences Graduate Faculty, TRAC Committee 741 S Limestone, BBSRB B253, Lexington, KY 40536-0509 (859) 218-1706
ATH284's picture Alicia Thompson, DO Categorical Residents PGY-3 800 Rose Street 8592182834
jmna223's picture Jennifer Torres Yee Categorical Residents PGY-3 Polk Dalton Clinic
JTJO226's picture Taylor Tyree Medicine/Pediatric Residents PGY-3
HEVA225's picture Hope E VanCleve Pediatric Residents PGY-2 800 Rose St 8593235157
nlvand0's picture Nathan L. Vanderford, PhD, MBA TRAC Committee H164 Chandler Hospital , 800 Rose Street 859-323-2622
MVA248's picture Martin Varea Romo Pediatric Residents PGY-1 800 Rose street
KSVI223's picture Katherine Vignes OBGYN Fellows PGY-6 800 Rose Street 8592180765
GJVO222's picture Gareth Voss, MD Categorical Residents PGY-3 800 Rose Street 8592182834
NNVU222's picture Nhi Vu, MD Categorical Residents PGY-3 800 Rose Street 8592182834
AHWA222's picture Alexander Wade, MD PGY-3 UK HealthCare at Turfland (859) 323-6371
clwa242's picture Chester L Wagers UK Manchester Eye Care 859-218-6911