Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
afern2's picture Anita Fernander Behavioral Science
  • Regular Faculty
103 Medical Behavioral Science Building (859) 323-4679
vferr2's picture Victor M. Ferraris, MD, Ph.D. Surgery, Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Tyler Gill Professor in Vascular Surgery
  • Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
320 Wethington Bldg, 900 S Limestone St, Lexington, KY 40536-0200 859-323-6494
jdfeth01's picture Jacqueline Fetherston, Ph.D.
  • Emeritus Faculty
jjnfie2's picture Jaime Janeille Fields Family and Community Medicine
  • Clinical Faculty
kafiel00's picture Ken Fields, Ph.D. Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
  • Professor and Chair
Office: MS 411 Medical Science Bldg., Lab: MN 477 Medical Science Bldg. Office: (859) 257-5147, Lab: (859) 218-4026
BFINLIN's picture Brian S Finlin Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
cefi225's picture Caitlin E Fiorillo, MD Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
  • Assistant Professor
740 South Limestone E300E;, 2195 Harrodsburg Road Lex, KY 40504
bfi225's picture Brian A Fischer Anesthesiology
  • Assistant Professor
RAFLEI00's picture Roger A. Fleischman, MD, PhD Internal Medicine
  • Associate Professor
  • Division of Hematology and Blood and Marrow Transplantation
bflem2's picture Barbara Fleming-Phillips Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
drflom0's picture Deborah R. Flomenhoft, MD Internal Medicine
  • Associate Professor
MN649 WM R WILLARD MED ED BLDG Clinic: (859) 323-0079, Academic Office: (859) 323-5203
cafl230's picture Coy Flowers Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Assistant Professor
1140 Lexington Road Georgetown, KY 40324 (502) 868-1100
JAFLUE2's picture James A Flueck Internal Medicine
  • Associate Professor
dfo222's picture Diane Ruth Follingstad, PhD Psychiatry
  • Professor
  • Director, Center for Research on Violence Against Women
  • Women’s Circle Endowed Chair, CRVAW
  • Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
245 Fountain Court, 3rd Floor 859-257-2737
ynfo222's picture Yvonne N Fondufe-Mittendorf Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
  • Associate Professor
BBSRB 273 859-323-0091
kfo241's picture Ka Wing Fong, PhD Toxicology and Cancer Biology
  • Assistant Professor
760 Press Ave, Research Building 2 Room341, Lexington KY40536 8595623455
vtfo222's picture Vinnette T Forde, M.D. Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St MN604
nfshazel's picture Hazel Forsythe, Ph.D.
  • Dietetics and Human Nutrition
202 Funkhouser Building 40506
jlfowlk's picture John Fowlkes, M.D. Pediatrics
  • Regular Faculty
fragnet's picture Regina Y. Fragneto Anesthesiology, ODEI
  • Special Faculty
srfram2's picture Steven Frame, MD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
St. Claire Regional Medical Center
mbu224's picture Meredith Frame, MD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
Frankfort MEO
dleakl2's picture Lucy E Franklin, MD Ophthalmology
  • Assistant Professor
110 Conn Terrace, Suite 550 859-323-5867
SRFR223's picture Samuel R. Franklin Neuroscience
  • Special Title
MS 209 Medical Science Building 40536-0298 (859)-323-3780
jmfr239's picture John M Franklin, MD Ophthalmology
  • Assistant Professor
110 Conn Terrace, Suite 550 859-323-5867
jfr235's picture Justin F. Fraser, MD, FAANS, FAHA Neurosurgery
  • Assistant Professor of Cerebrovascular, Endovascular, and Skull Base Surgery
  • Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery
800 Rose St. Room MS105A, Lexington, KY 40536 859-323-0616
cfr224's picture Claire E Fraser Ophthalmology
  • Clinical Faculty
110 Conn Terrace, Suite 550 859-323-5867
dfrazie's picture Donald T Frazier, Ph.D. Physiology
  • Director, Science Outreach & Career Opportunities Center
Science Outreach Center (859) 323-5418
HFR224's picture Heidi Frazier, M.D. Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor
University Health Services
rmfr231's picture Ryan M Fredericks, MD Pediatrics
  • Assistant Professor
800 Rose St
mgfrie2's picture Michael Gregory Fried Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
  • Professor
BBSRB 259 859-323-1205
mafr238's picture Mark Fritz, MD Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
  • Assistant Professor
  • Division of Laryngology
740 S Limestone, E300E (859) 257-5405
gfrol2's picture Gregory Frolenkov, Ph.D. Physiology
  • Professor
800 Rose Street, Medical Science Building, Rm: MS-617, Lexington, KY 40536-0298 Office: (859) 323-8729, Lab: (859) 323-8730
JFU229's picture Jian Fu Toxicology and Cancer Biology
  • Professor
1095 V A Drive, 332 HSRB 859-218-1029
gjfu223's picture George Fuchs Pediatrics
  • Professor
800 Rose St.