Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
jya257's picture Jennifer Lynn Yates-Ballesteros Obstetrics & Gynecology Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC 800 Rose St
mhya222's picture Morgan H Yazell Neurosurgery Program Coordinator I/UKHC 740 South Limestone
QYE222's picture Qing Ye Research Associate
sye2's picture Shaojing Ye Physiology Scientist II 741 S Limestone Street
lryeag2's picture Leah Ray Yeager Internal Medicine Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC 800 ROSE STREET
CLBENT2's picture Cecelia Bentley Yeary Internal Medicine Administrative Director, Digestive Health Service Line 800 Rose (859) 323-4097
AYONG2's picture Albert N Yongbang Anesthesiology Nurse Anesthetist/UKHC
CJYO222's picture Charles J. York II Anesthesiology Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC
mdavi3's picture Melissa York Radiation Medicine Medical Residency Coordinator, Business Office Manager
eyost2's picture Elizabeth A Yost Ophthalmology Clinical Administrator III/UKHC 110 Conn Terrace, Suite 550 (859) 323-3864
tmblin2's picture Tina M Young Pediatrics Patient Relations Assistant/UKHC 740 S Limestone
lwyo223's picture Leslie W Young Surgery Research Associate Clinical I/UKHC 800 rose street
jdwo222's picture Jill Diane Worrell Young Pediatrics Advanced Practice Provider III/UKHC Pediatrics
ache233's picture Ashley Cole Young Internal Medicine Nurse Clinical/Ambulatory/UKHC 740 S Limestone
bayoun4's picture Brittany A. Young Neurology Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC 740 South Limestone St
djyozw0's picture Douglas Yozwiak Surgery Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC 800 Rose St
hyu1's picture Hui Yu Laboratory Technician 5th Floor BioPharm Complex
hyu232's picture Hanwen Yuan Center for Health Services Research Data Research Analyst Kentucky Clinic, H810 (859) 218-3448
vza224's picture Valentinos Zachariou Scientist II
CZA223's picture Carla A Zacher Internal Medicine Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC 326 CT Wethington Building 859-323-4605
DZAIM1's picture Dijana Zaimovic Surgery Department Administrator Associate/UKHC
jza222's picture Julie Zander Internal Medicine Clinical Manager Senior/UKHC
trze222's picture Tiffany Zeltner Internal Medicine Clinical Services Technician/UKHC 740 S Limestone
WZH226's picture Wen Zhang Research Associate Senior
LZHANH's picture Liping Zhang, Ph.D. Physiology Scientist III
MZHAN4's picture Ming Zhang Laboratory Technician Senior
GZH223's picture Guoying Zhang Cardiovascular Research Center Research Associate/UKHC
YZHAO's picture Yanming Zhao Toxicology and Cancer Biology Research Associate Senior
xzh366's picture Xinghui Zhao Toxicology and Cancer Biology Research Associate/COM
yzhon2's picture Yu Zhong Physiology Scientist I 900 S Limestone St., CT Wethington, Rm: 513
YZH257's picture Yuning Zhou Research Associate
BZHU2's picture Beibei Zhu Internal Medicine Scientist II/UKHC
bzh226's picture Bozhena Zhushma Surgery Clinical Services Technician/UKHC 800 Rose St
gzi224's picture Grace Anne Zimmerman Neuroscience Laboratory Technician 101 TH Morgan Bldg
lnbrow2's picture Lindsay Nicole Zopfi Pediatrics IS Technical Support Specialist II/UKHC 2355 Huguenard Drive