Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
tca239's picture Teresa Cassel Research Coordinator 5th Floor of BioPharm Complex
epca224's picture Evan Cassity Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences, Internal Medicine Program Coordinator II 209C CTW Bldg
sfcatl0's picture Sharon F Catlett Family and Community Medicine Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC
clca231's picture Chassity L Caudill Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Targeted Assessment Specialist 108 East Locust Street, 2nd floor
lmca278's picture Lauren M Caudill Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Assistant/UKHC 110 Conn Terrace
clcaud3's picture Carrie L Caudill Internal Medicine Nurse Clinical/Ambulatory/UKHC 740 S Limestone
KCAUD2's picture Kevin Caudill Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Clinical Administrator III/UKHC Kentucky Clinic, 740 S. Limestone, Suite K401, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Lexington, Ky. 40536-0284 859-323-5533
sncaud0's picture Staci Nicole Caudill Pediatrics Clinical Nurse Clinician/UKHC K246 Kentucky Clinic 859-257-5536
DRCECI0's picture Darin Cecil Cardiovascular Research Center, Office of Senior Associate Dean for Research, Physiology, PGY - Admins Department Administrator, Department of Physiology. Saha Cardiovascular Research Center. College of Medicine Office of Research 741 South Limestone Street, Biomedical/Biological Sciences Research Building, Rm: B245, Lexington, KY 40536-0509 859-323-4683
jbceci2's picture Justin B Cecil Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Advanced Practice Provider III/UKHC KY Clinic 740 S Limestone St K401
ZNCENT2's picture Zohn N Centimole Anesthesiology Nurse Anesthetist/UKHC
AFCH222's picture Anna F. Chalfant Dean's Office Administrative Coordinator II 800 Rose Street, MN 150 859-323-6582
ach345's picture Anna K Chamberlain Obstetrics & Gynecology Nurse Clinical Research II/UKHC 800 Rose St
LMCH222's picture Lindsey M. Chambers Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Targeted Assessment Specialist Ceneter on Drug and Alcohol Researc
dkchan1's picture Darrell Kent Chaney Neurology Staff Support Associate I/UKHC
sgch225's picture Seth G Chappell Emergency Medicine Medical Transcriptionist Assistant/UKHC 800 Rose Street
cch339's picture Courtney Charles Center of Excellence in Rural Health Community Health Worker Wolfe County Courthouse Campton, KY 41301, 153 Richmond Road Irvine, KY 40336 606-668-7900, 606-723-9902
kch285's picture Kim Charles Charge Intergity Manager/UKHC 1648 McGrathiana Parkway
ATCHAS2's picture Austin Chastain Surgery Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC Med Science Bldg.
skch226's picture Sangita K. Chaudhary IBU - Surgical Coding Assistant/UKHC 1648 McGrathiana Pkwy
llnort2's picture Lydia Norton Cheeks Radiology Advanced Practice Provider III/UKHC 740 S Limestone
JCHEN4's picture Jing Chen Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Research Associate
tch277's picture Tiantian Chen Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Laboratory Technician Senior 741 South Limestone Street, 145 BBSRB
cchen01's picture Changguo Chen Surgery Research Associate Senior/UKHC MN327 UK Medical Center 859-257-4474
qch227's picture Quan Chen Statistician 2365 Harrodsburg Rd Suite A230
ach228's picture Alicia M Chenail Friend Pediatrics Physician Assistant/Residency/UKHC Pediatrics
slch233's picture Summer Leigh Cherry Internal Medicine Clinical Services Technician III/UKHC IM-Cardiology
chch228's picture Christina Hamilton Chessm Anesthesiology Staff Support Associate II/UKHC 800 Rose Strreet N212 (859) 323-5956
tjchip2's picture Tiffany J Chipman Center on Drug and Alcohol Research Data Coordinator Senior
BCH239's picture Brittney L Chism Surgery Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC Urology Clinic
hrchit2's picture Holly R. Chitwood Internal Medicine Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC Kentucky Clinic
jmch259's picture Jacqueline M Chitwood Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Assistant/UKHC 740 S Limestone (859) 323-5867
jch337's picture Jooyoung Cho Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics Research Analyst/UKHC 110 Conn Terrace, Suite 550
ych284's picture Yohan Choi Obstetrics & Gynecology Scientist I/UKHC 800 Rose Street, Medical Sciences Bldg Room MS341 (859) 323-5217
mebonn2's picture Morgan Elizabeth Bonner C Pediatrics Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC Pediatrics