History and Evolution

Step 1: Formation of the College of Medicine IBUs (Integrated Business Units)

The College of Medicine has begun a multi-year, strategic initiative to review the business functions and administrative infrastructure. The goal of this initiative is to create shared services centers, or Integrated Business Units (IBUs), which are charged with refining and improving our current processes and policies, better utilizing technology, and standardizing workflow to deliver quality services so that our faculty and staff can devote more of their focus to our core missions: education, research, and patient care.

Step 2: Evolution of the IBUs: Functional Alignment 

In March of 2016, leadership from the College of Medicine IBU Finance team and the UK Healthcare Controller's Office completed an assessment of the Integrated Business Unit Finance functional area during several meetings with College of Medicine Department Administrators. The objective was to gather input and feedback on current state as well as review proposed changes to services, processes and workflow. In May of 2016, the feedback and proposed next steps were presented to the Council of Chairs. The team that oversaw this project included:

·         Craig Collins, UKHC Chief Financial Officer
·         Roxie Allison, UKHC Associate Chief Financial Officer
·         Christy Anderson, Associate Dean of Administration, College of Medicine
·         Jerrod Carrico, UKHC Controller
·         Trish Polly, UKHC Associate Controller
·         Amy Longeway, IBU Business Operations Manager
·         James Patterson, Payroll/Workforce Management Director
·         Howard Stull, IBU HR/Payroll Manager
·         Jeff Sullivan, Human Resources Business Partner Senior

Step 3: Introduction of the Accounting and AP Team

As the UK HealthCare Enterprise continues to grow, it is important that we transform our support structure to provide the highest levels of service and efficiency to our internal and external customers.  Effective July 24th, 2016, the four finance areas of the former Medical IBU (MIBU), Surgical IBU (SIBU), Hospital IBU (HIBU) and Basic Science and Centers IBU (BSCIBU) joined together under the UK HealthCare Controller's Office.  This alignment of the accounting functions will ensure continued efficiency in process improvement.